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Cord Cutting/Cut and Clear

Cord Cutting/Cut and Clear

This ritual is done personally by Conjuringbutterfly. If you feel you are ready to move on from past situations but just can't move forward. Or every time you get ahead you take ten steps back you may very well need a Cut and Clear to cut away all the past events and clear your path for better things to come.

Cord Cutting is needed to you have a spiritual Tie to someone. Whether you were in a romantic relationship or a family member. Sometimes we are not able to completely let go of the attachment we have to them.. that saying the other half of my heart if gone after a relationship is very much true. This is when cord cutting comes in and those soul ties are completely cut.

One rituals are booked there are no refunds. You will be notified within 72hours of a date for the ritual to be done. There is so set time for when you will see movement.