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Indulge (self love)kit

Indulge (self love)kit

This self love kit includes all spelled and fixed products. When you get caught up in everyday life and forget whom you are this is your go to. Bring back your confidence. Fill your heart with love for yourself and bring out the boldness to carry out any and everything possible.

1. Self love sweetening jar- packed with herbs, sweeteners, petition and seals. This jar is spelled and you recharge it anytime you need a pick me up.

2. Small fixed and spelled skeleton candle- you can use by itself, with your indulge bath sachet or use it to charge your jar

3. Indulge oil- sweet fragrance of floral and freshness this is a great pick me up through out the day. Also available in male fragrance (Egyptian musk)
4. Indulge bath sachet- soak for 15min admiring yourself and the boss that you are.

This is a curio and nothing is guaranteed. Do not invest any of the products. Do not leave within the reach of children. All sales are final no refunds or exchanges.