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Sex Magick Kit

Sex Magick Kit

This sensual kit comes with a romantic herbal love bath for you/ your partner to share a bath together, a Vagina or penile candle to light to enhance the moment and meditate before or after your climax, a poppet to represent your partner, and the lick me down honey. There is nothing more powerful than climaxing and manifesting every desire from your partner. After all when exchanging energy with another individual you might as well get everything you want from it.

This kit is to dominate and control your partner in every which way you can control a partner. Kit does come with instructions.

Poppet may vary but will always be red depending on what currently in stock.

This is considered a curio and should not be ingested or left open around children. Nothing is guaranteed. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. This product is not meant to replace medical treatment or intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any type of disease. Refunds or exchanges are not permitted.