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Wear your intentions kit

Wear your intentions kit

This spiritual kit allows you to wear your intentions.
It comes with
1. Body butter
2. 25ml bath salt
3. A spiritual bath bar

You can choose from self love (indulge) which carries a hint of primrose allows you to not only love yourself, but be bold confident, and attract the attention from others.

Spiritual cleansing which cleanses the mind body and spirit from everyday negativity. I recommend this to anyone whom deals with people on a daily basis in the medical field, telemarketing, public service. This has a hint of peppermint.

Spiritual healing heals from negativity, trauma, and releases from past and present relationships. Has a hint of citrus. Even if you need a little pic me up through the day. To relieve that anxiety. This selection can com infused with cbd

GUAP brings in fast cash.

All products go under a spiritual process for their purpose. All infused with herbs and essential oils.